Querying – The Willow

Seventeen-year-old Kirsten Madsen struggles to come to terms with the loss of her sister after a shooting in their small town.

Contemporary YA


Ghost of a Chance

Break in. Steal back the music box. Get out. That’s the plan.

Cal Henry can’t wait to graduate his suburban-D.C. high school and get on with life at UVA. But when best friend Tim needs help, Cal agrees to break into neighborhood shop MacInerny Antiques—despite rumors it’s haunted. Attacked by what can only be a poltergeist, the boys escape—barely—with the help of a ghost. But not without dropping evidence leading the police to Cal. Taking the fall for his buddy, Cal is arrested and charged with a felony.

For nineteen-year-old Feeny Hayes, the big sleep hasn’t exactly been the bee’s knees. She misses swell nights of jazz and gin in the basement speakeasy of the building she now haunts with her three-year-old daughter, poltergeist Bixie. But tortured by not knowing whether Bixie is the child of her lover or her rapist, Feeny is afraid to love her and be the mother she knows Bixie deserves.

Desperate to avoid prison and salvage his spot at UVA, Cal agrees to work for the disagreeable shop owner. There, he befriends ghostly Roaring 20s expert Feeny and dodges daily attacks by poltergeist Bixie. Even if working for MacInerny is enough to sway the judge, Cal must convince UVA this was a one-time mistake.

Contemporary YA